History Edit

Venezuela and Colombia has a complicated relationship going all the way way to the 16th century. The countries share a history for achieving their independence under Simón Boliviár and becoming one nation: The Gran Colombia—which dissolved in the 19th century. Ever since, the relationship between the two has vacillated between cooperation and bilateral struggle. The 

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Gran Colombia

republic of Gran Colombia included the territories of present-day Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador, Panama, northern Peru, western Guyana and northwest Brazil, and it lasted form 1819-1831.

Crime Edit

Today the border between Venezuela and Colombia is dangerous and highly affected by drugs and contra banding. For a long time, guerrillas have reigned the borders. For the last couple of years, drug gangs have started to dominate where the guerrillas once had control. Recently, Colombia accused Venezuela of letting the FARC and ELN, the two main leftist guerrilla groups, maintain camps along its border. Some of these camps are strategically placed considering they are huge transit-points when smuggling drugs. This is why we frequently see


Colombian cocaine

examples of clashes between criminal gangs. The latest one, in november 2014, between criminal groups the Rastrojos and the Urabeños left eight dead.

Push & Pull factors Edit

Venezuela is north east of Colombia, and Venezuela has become the main transit point for the famous Colombian cocaine heading for The United States and Europe. Venezuela is a good transit point for a couple of reasons. Most importantly, is maybe the petrol prices. Because of Venezuela's price controls on fuel—a liter of petrol costs two American cents in Venezuela, compared with up to $1.30 in Colombia

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Colombian military forces found a sub-marine used for smuggling cocain

Possible solutions Edit

Policies that focus on suppressing drug flows are often ineffective in suppressing organized crime. In some cases, policing policies, can trigger intense criminal violence. So how can this problem be solved? Some claim legalizing drugs is the answer. Personally i think the most effective solution would be improving the security along the borders from both nations.