The American

Sign by the border between Mexico and the USA

Many borders are crossed illegally every day, at great risk for the crossers. Some borders are more dangerous than others, however they all tend to be heavily guarded. There are many reasons for why 

someone would take these risks, they differ for each border. War, hunger and lack of medical treatment are just a few in a hundred of reasons.

Each border has it’s own way of handling illegal crossers. Some will be prosecuted, others shot at the spot. Depending on how many you are, the colour of your skin, your sex and your age there you’ll be faced with different kinds of reactions. Human trafficking is one of the more common things that border security has to deal with. People smuggling others over the border, for them to live a better life. Conditions are as inhuman as one could imagine, tight spaces, no air, food or water, and with your life at risk. There would have to be some reason why people would do such things. As mentioned, they do differ from each border.

Borders of Significance Edit

Here are some of the more trafficked borders in the world. They are not necessarily the most important ones, however we found them interesting. 

Syria and Turkey Edit

The border between Syria and Turkey spans 400 kilometers in length across the upper Mesopotamia. Because of Turkey's membership in both NATO and OSCE, its border to Syria also acts as a barrier for these organizations. Turkey is geographically both in Asia and Europe.

The USA and Mexico Edit

The US-Mexican border is the most crossed border in the wold. People, drugs and guns, are some of the things that travel across this heavily controlled boundary every day.

China and North KoreaEdit

North Korea was suffering and turned to China as their business partner. They are know having trust in each other, as the security is quite low. 

North and South Korea Edit

North and South Korea has been in a tense situation ever since the Korean war. The border is one of the most heavily guarded in the world.

Venezuela and Colombia Edit

The border between these poverty struck countries is a paradise on earth for smugglers.